Speaker: Courtney Hemphill

Partner & Tech Lead @CarbonFive
Courtney Hemphill is a partner at Carbon Five, an integrated product design and development firm. She has done full stack development for over 10 years with both startup and enterprise companies. Today she spends a lot of her time convincing people that building less is more and that the cloud is solid and secure. Courtney volunteers with non-digital and digital non-profits that have nothing to do with actual bridges but reference them a lot. Feel free to ask her about free workshops with RailsBridge, resources from Women Who Code and the cool programs at NatureBridge. Several times a year she is lucky to travel to speak at conferences in the US and abroad; most recently at FullStack Fest Barcelona, CascadiaJS, Web Directions Sydney and O'Reilly Fluent. She finds a healthy amount of time to unplug from the internets, traveling in search of the best rock climbing spots in the world, often returning to her primary stomping ground in Yosemite Valley.

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Talk: Algorithms for Animation

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