Java 8

Java 8

Grand Ballroom - Salon H
You are comfortable programming in Java. Bring a laptop configured with the all the required software (see below - setup instructions)

Java 8 has been released with loads of exiting new features. To celebrate the release, bring your laptop and learn all these new features through hands on coding exercises.


By the end of the day we promise that you will have written some Java 8 code and learned how to use Lambdas in Java. The tutorial will rapidly alternate between lecture style presentation and hands on coding exercises.



  • Java 8 Lambda Expressions
  • Java 8 collections and streams api
  • Java 8 concurrency enhancements
  • Java 8 generics enhancements
  • Java 8 Annotation & Reflection Enhancements
  • Java 8 Date and Time apis
  • Java 8 usage examples with Spring 4.0


Setup instructions

  • Operating System: Windows, Mac or Linux
  • JDK : Download and install the latest JDK 8 for your OS from the oracle website or your linux distro
  • Download an install a Java 8 capable IDE latest IntelliJ, NetBeans or Eclipse
  • Eclipse users, please choose one of: