Creating iOS Apps in Objective-C

Creating iOS Apps in Objective-C


This is a full-day tutorial in writing iOS apps using the Xcode IDE on Macintosh. An iPhone or iPad app is made of intercommunicating objects. Learn to create and destroy the objects and send them messages in the language Objective-C. Use them to draw text and graphics on the screen, display controls such as buttons and sliders, respond to a touch or keystroke, recognize a swipe or pinch, and perform simple animations.


We concentrate on three iOS design patterns:


1. A control object (e.g., a button) can call a method of its target object in response to a touch.


2. An object can call a method of its delegate object in response to a changing situation, e.g., upon reaching the end of an audio file during a playback.


3. A view controller object can create and send messages to the view object underneath it, and forms the connection between the view object and the rest of the app.


Requires previous programming experience, but not necessarily in the language Objective-C. The examples will be displayed and run on a Mac during the tutorial. If registrants would like to run the examples on their own machine, they can bring a Mac equipped with the current Xcode.