Web Application Development with Flight

Web Application Development with Flight

Wednesday, 10:40am - 11:30am

Twitter’s Flight framework is unobtrusive, powerful, and allows you to structure your client-side javascript more efficiently and makes it more manageable and testable. It gives you tools such as a modular system, event-based architecture, and functional mixins- all with tiny overhead. It even integrates easily with non-flight code, allowing for a piecemeal conversion of old code to a Flight-based system.   This talk will go over Flight and how you can start using it, today, to create great javascript applications.

Slides: http://kperch.github.io/qcon

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Kassandra is a developer, crafter, and gamer living in Austin, TX. Her days are spent at RetailMeNot, where she slings javascript and tries to make developer processes easier. her nights and weekends are spent slinging more javascript, teaching for Girl Develop It!, and re-learning how to roller skate. She's an unrepentant JS addict- and is especially interested in JS robotics/hardware. @kassandra_perch