BlueMix, A Flexible PaaS for Application Development

BlueMix, A Flexible PaaS for Application Development

Thursday, 11:55am - 12:45am

In this presentation, Mark will discuss and demonstrate a multi-lingual Platform-as-a-Service layer that; provides auto scaling, utilizes cloud native services via build packs, integrates with the growing API economy, and provides a DevOps/continuous development platform that results in a quicker time-to-value for our customers.


Topics that will be discussed in detail are:

  • Time to Value
  • Auto Scaling
  • API Economy
  • Cloud Native
  • Multi-Lingual Platform
  • Customized Services via Buildpacks
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Growing Services Marketplace
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Mark VanderWiele is an IBM Distinguished Engineer with 25 years industry experience in systems architecture. For the last several years has been performing research on cloud computing which includes internet scale data centers, genesis of clouds, virtualization management, new cloud workloads, license management, problem determination, and scalable storage to build more efficient data centers using cloud technology. He is currently chief architect for IBM’s integrated CloudBurst on Power Offerings. In this role he is responsible for driving customer requirements into future offerings as well as the technical content and delivery of the current offerings.