Quantifying Risk for Innovative Teams

Quantifying Risk for Innovative Teams

Wednesday, 3:00pm - 3:50pm

While "Lean Startup" product development methods are praised for encouraging rapid feedback from customers through experiments, it is sometimes criticized for not being quantitative enough in its methods. Fortunately it is possible to quantitatively account for risk while iterating the "build-measure-learn" loop.


This talk will focus on quantitative risk modeling approaches when developing new products or services that do not have a well understood product/market fit scenario. Using modeling approaches like Monte Carlo simulations and Cost of Delay scenarios, combined with qualitative tools like the Lean Canvas models and Value Dynamics diagrams, we will explore how lean innovative teams can bring scientific rigor back into their Lean Startup process.

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Sam McAfee, Principal at Neo Innovation, has been building consumer and enterprise applications for fifteen years. He co-founded a web development agency in 2002 which he ran for a decade, before joining Change.org as the Director of Web Engineering in 2012, and then serving as VP of Engineering for Luxr in 2013. He is an enthusiastic proponent of all things Lean and Agile, and is a frequent speaker, blogger, and process coach.