The Product Design Sprint and Test-Driven Design

The Product Design Sprint and Test-Driven Design

Wednesday, 10:40am - 11:30am

Product Design Sprints, an invention of Google Ventures' design team, are intended to improve the chances of making something people want. We want to turn false confidence into validated confidence before beginning an expensive build. Or, we want to dodge bullets by learning we shouldn't begin the expensive build at all.


This talk details the exercises used in the 5 phases of a Design Sprint: Build, Diverge, Converge, Prototype, and Test.

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Alex Baldwin improves the human condition by creating harmony between people and databases. Not to be confused with Alec Baldwin, Alex has been designing for the web since he was 12, and is a designer at thoughtbot. He listens to beats and drinks lattes while he furiously types away at the keyboard. @alexbaldwin