OSGi PaaS+ Building a modular and secure cloud platform with OSGi

OSGi PaaS+ Building a modular and secure cloud platform with OSGi

Wednesday, 1:45pm - 2:35pm

This talk gives an introduction to our open PaaS+ Cloud Platform for modular OSGi applications based on OpenShift [1].


Extending OpenShift by an OSGi service framework results in a modular and scalable Java PaaS (Platform as a Service) that features a modular build and deployment mechanism and helps to speed up application development while also making it more robust. The platform comes with a build in Apache Karaf server runtime enhanced by OSGi enabled base services such as Authentication, Rules Engine, Business Process Engine, Polyglot Persistence, Search and Indexing and an integrated OBR.


These services are available through a consistent API and are orchestrated by the integrated OSGi framework. We will show how the OSGi PaaS+ platform supports application developers in the complete application lifecycle from development to production to achieve a faster time to market. It will also cover an example of a domain specific API in the healthcare sector, where special requirements on data security during storage and transfer will be met to secure sensitive data in the cloud. With sight on the healthcare and other sectors handling sensitive data, the cloud is challenged with special requirements on data security during storage and transfer. Thus leading to the need to address customer concerns respecting privacy in much more detail than in other areas. We will also describe how to extend the platform for other domains.


The OSGi PaaS+ platform is based on research results from the TRESOR - Trusted Ecosystem for Standardized and Open cloud-based Resources – project to provide an open ecosystem for cloud applications for the health care sector [2]. TRESOR is part of the Trusted Cloud initiative [3], funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.


    Topics covered:

  • Overview of the OSGi PaaS+ Cloud
  • Benefits of OSGi for modular cloud platforms
  • Extensions to OpenShift provided to enable OSGi cloud services
  • Modular OSGi base services in the cloud
  • Domain specific extensions and data security
  • Cloud deployment and distributed services
  • Introduction to the TRESOR project


References: [1] PaaS+, http://www.paasplus.com [2] TRESOR, http://www.cloud-tresor.com/ [3] Trusted Cloud, BMWi, http://www.trusted-cloud.de/

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Alexander is the head of development of medisite Systemhaus GmbH and responsible for the development of the the PaaS+ cloud platform the clinical information system m.life and software architect for the TRESOR Project. He has 15 years of work experience in medical Software development as team leader and software architect. Expert for Software Architecture, OSGi, Java and Java EE. Alexander has been a speaker at several conferences including EclipseCon Europe and the OpenShift Community Day.