Nashorn - Native JavaScript support in Java 8

Nashorn - Native JavaScript support in Java 8

Thursday, 5:30pm - 6:20pm

There is a perception in the Java community that JavaScript is a second-league interpreted language with the main purpose of making Web pages a little prettier. But JavaScript is a powerful, flexible, dynamically typed language. And today the language has been experiencing a revival driven by the interest in HTML5.   Nashorn is a modern, high-performance JavaScript engine available on the JVM. It provides direct integration with pure Java programs and it's already included with JDK8 builds. Every Java developer who works on web applications needs to understand how to use and program Nashorn.   In this session, besides slides we use live coding demos to introduce the latest state of the Project Nashorn:

  • What does Nashorn bring to the Java world?
  • Link to the code: https://github.com/gAmUssA/java-scripting-experiments

  • What capabilities does it provide for the server and the client sides?
  • How can you leverage Nashorn in the real-life project?
  • How to use JavaScript in your Java application with JSR 223 APIs?
  • Real-world use-cases where Java-JavaScript interaction is applicable
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Viktor Gamov is a Senior software engineer in Farata Systems. He helps financial companies with various Java and HTML5 projects. He holds MS in Computer Science. He is a co-organizer of the Princeton Java Users Group and co-author of the O’Reilly book on Enterprise Web Development. Viktor presented at various international conferences (http://lanyrd.com/gamussa) on Java and JavaScript related topics. He tweets at @gamussa.