Mentoring Humans and Engineers

Mentoring Humans and Engineers

Friday, 10:40am - 11:30am

This year Artsy, a 60-person startup, has introduced our first formal fellowship program for seniors. We went out to many US colleges to recruit some of the best and brightest. From thousands of applications we’ve selected a dozen people that have joined the arts and tech teams over the course of a summer. Some have received full time job offers at the end, others went back to finish school. Each fellow was assigned a mentor. For many, this was a very first experience as a manager.


In this talk we'll discuss about what it means to be a mentor, how to structure a mentorship program, talk risks, costs and rewards. We'll use the material sourced from the fellow members of the New York CTO Club, a group that combines several generations of management experience.

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Daniel Doubrovkine (aka dB.) has been a technology manager, entrepreneur and open-source cheerleader for the last 15 years. He has worked in big and small companies and has built sizable teams at three startups. Daniel has been at Artsy since early 2011, where he serves a rapidly expanding Engineering organization. He is a hands-on type of manger, frequent speaker and maintainer of several popular open-source projects. @dblockdotorg