The Idea Stack: finding your product vision

The Idea Stack: finding your product vision

Wednesday, 11:55am - 12:45am

How do you get to the essence of a new product idea; the core vision upon which you pivot as you work toward a product/market fit? As a product gets built, fundamental differences in understanding or expectations within a team can get magnified to the point where it can ruin a product.

The Idea Stack helps to define a common vision of a product before any building has started. It is the essential elements of any product idea and a set of exercises that help teams build a shared understanding of the vision of a product.

The talk will take participants through the Idea Stack exercises and use case studies to illustrate. Participants will get practical takeaways and learn how to conduct the exercises to take back and try with their own ideas or teams.

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Josh is an expert on early stage software innovation and prototyping process. He teaches prototyping and product management at Harvard, New York University and The Gateway School for children with learning disabilities. He co-founded and leads the Occom Group, which partners with their clients to help them translate their innovative ideas into quality software solutions.