Event-driven services with F# and EventStore

Event-driven services with F# and EventStore

Thursday, 3:00pm - 3:50pm

I will present methods for implementing event-driven services with F# and EventStore that we've been using to build an ecommerce platform at Jet.com. The two key ingredients are functional programming and event-sourcing. Functional programming with F# enables service logic which is correct, understandable, testable and elegant. Event-sourcing with EventStore provides a solution for both persistence and integration which exhibits desirable service characteristics such as autonomy, loose coupling, and compositionality.

Slides: http://gorodinski.com/presentations/event-driven-services-with-fsharp-and-eventstore/#/

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Originally from Latvia, I recently moved to New York to apply functional programming techniques in building a scalable ecommerce platform. I blog at http://gorodinski.com and tweet @eulerfx.