Employing Data Science to Enhance the Facebook Experience

Employing Data Science to Enhance the Facebook Experience

Thursday, 5:30pm - 6:20pm

Justin Moore, an Engineering Manager for the Places team at Facebook New York, will detail how Facebook is exploring the use of applied Data Science to refine and scale complex, intelligent algorithms to analyze our massive database of crowdsourced locations. He can shed light on how he and his team are determining personal relevancy, increasing the accuracy with which a Place is rendered, and improving the quality of our places dataset using large scale machine learned systems that are deduplicating Places quickly and precisely -- all in an effort to ultimately improve the Facebook Places experience.


In this session, learn how Facebook’s own advances in Data Science have solved intricate location technology problems and how these lessons can be applied to other verticals to achieve similar gains.

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Justin is an Engineering Manager at Facebook New York working on Places search and data. His team is responsible for building a world-class experience to facilitate the interaction between the online experience and the offline world. Before joining Facebook, Justin lead the data team at Foursquare. Prior to Foursquare, Justin worked in Finance as a quantitative analyst, focused on building custom portfolios and risk analysis. Justin holds a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Rochester and has studied graduate-level Math and Computer Science at Columbia University. @injust