Data Modeling for Scale with Riak Data Types

Data Modeling for Scale with Riak Data Types

Wednesday, 10:40am - 11:30am

Eventually consistent databases like Riak give you horizontal scale, high availability and predictable latency, but can make data modeling more difficult. Riak 2.0 breaks from this pattern by introducing rich data types that are familiar to developers but handle eventual consistency for you.


In this talk, we'll briefly discuss the theory behind these new datatypes and then walk through some example applications that use them in popular languages.

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Sean is a Software Engineer at Basho Technologies, where he has contributed to many aspects of Riak, but focuses on client interfaces and libraries, convergent datatypes (CRDTs), and tools. Prior to Basho, Sean was a freelance developer and consultant who also managed the development of the open-source Radiant web publishing system.