Cloudyle OSGi PaaS+ Hands On - Take your bundles to the cloud

Cloudyle OSGi PaaS+ Hands On - Take your bundles to the cloud

Thursday, 1:45pm - 2:35pm

This hands on session will give you the opportunity to bring your bundles to the cloud with the Cloudyle open PaaS+ cloud platform for modular OSGi applications based on OpenShift [1]. We will show you the features of the PaaS+ platform by the classical example of a petshop application.


You will learn how to create OSGi applications on the Cloudyle PaaS+ platform and how to develop, test and deploy bundles on it. We give you an introduction in the available PaaS+ Enterprise API that can help you speeding up application development.


To take part in the hands on element of this session we recommend that you download the preconfigured Eclipse install from here in advance.


The session will cover the following topics:

  • How to create a PaaS+ OSGi application
  • Adding database capabilities
  • Manage your application using the OpenShift client tools
  • Create OSGi bundles for PaaS+ deployment Deploy it on a cloud instance of Apache Karaf
  • Use JPA-NoSQL Integration to provide MongoDB data storage in Karaf
  • Create a basic Vaadin web application to be deployed on Karaf
  • How to use the PaaS+ Enterprise APIs to easily add additional capabilities to your application like reporting, catalogs and preferences
  • Learn what additional API features are available for example: Elasticsearch indexing, BPM integration, user management and IDM integration


When you bring your own notebook you can follow this hands on directly. You should have installed on your notebook Git, Ruby and Eclipse with the M2E Maven plugin.


The Cloudyle OSGi PaaS+ platform is based on research results from the TRESOR - Trusted Ecosystem for Standardized and Open cloud-based Resources – project to provide an open ecosystem for cloud applications for the health care sector [2]. TRESOR is part of the Trusted Cloud initiative [3], funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Frank.Torsten's picture
Torsten Frank is an entrepreneur and healthcare IT expert with international experience and a strong background in product and business development. He is CEO and Founder of medisite, a company that delivers highly specialized healthcare IT solutions to their customers for more than 10 years. medisite is a winner of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) “Trusted Cloud” technology competition, geared toward secure cloud computing for SMEs and the public sector. Torsten Frank holds a medical degree from the Hannover Medical School, where he also has worked for several years as a physician at the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery after completing his medical studies in Hannover, Germany and Chicago, USA.
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Alexander is the head of development of medisite Systemhaus GmbH and responsible for the development of the the PaaS+ cloud platform the clinical information system m.life and software architect for the TRESOR Project. He has 15 years of work experience in medical Software development as team leader and software architect. Expert for Software Architecture, OSGi, Java and Java EE. Alexander has been a speaker at several conferences including EclipseCon Europe and the OpenShift Community Day.