Building Modular Enterprise Applications

Building Modular Enterprise Applications

Thursday, 11:55am - 12:45pm

Moving from a monolithic application to a modular solution provides several challenges, starting from how to develop and ending with how to deliver and maintain the solution This session is a technical case study about building modular enterprise products based an OSGi by using open source. It features several different open source projects and technologies mainly from the Apache Software Foundation, like Apache Felix, Apache Sling, and Apache Aries.


The session explains the faced problems and how they were solved. Covered topics include how to develop your components, services and modules, assembling and provisioning the application as well as different tooling for maintaining and monitoring.

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David Bosschaert works for Adobe Research and Development. He spends the much of his time on technology relating to OSGi in Apache and other open source projects. He is also co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group and an active participant in the OSGi Cloud efforts. Before joining Adobe, David worked for Red Hat/JBoss and IONA Technologies in Dublin, Ireland. @davidbosschaert
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Carsten Ziegeler is working at Adobe Research Switzerland and spends most of his time on architectural and infrastructure topics. Working for over 25 years in open source projects, Carsten is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and heavily participates in several Apache communities including Sling, Felix and ACE. He is a frequent speaker on technology and open source conferences. Carsten participates in the OSGi Core Platform and Enterprise Expert Groups and is a member of the OSGi Alliance board. @cziegeler