Bndtools 101

Bndtools 101

Wednesday, 11:55am - 12:45pm

Bndtools is the easy, powerful IDE for developing OSGi bundles and applications. Its powerful features include automated semantic versioning, advanced requirement resolution against repositories, and an extremely fast build-run development lifecycle. As a result, Bndtools is rapidly being adopted by OSGi developers, including the OSGi Alliance itself.


However, as with any tool, it can tricky to get started when faced with a completely blank workspace. In this talk, I will walk through an example of building a simple OSGi-based application from scratch using Bndtools. Along the way I will highlight how Bndtools and OSGi work together to ensure that the application is robust, modular and reusable.

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Neil Bartlett is a consultant, trainer and developer who has been working with OSGi for nearly 10 years. He is the founder and principal developer of Bndtools, the leading IDE for OSGi. (http://bndtools.org) Neil works for Paremus in London. @nbartlett