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See the QCon New York 2013 video calendar here, and download the slides from the schedule page.

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Video Schedule

Over the course of the next 6 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on InfoQ.com Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
24 JUN
  1. KEYNOTE: Surviving in a Feudal Security World
  2. KEYNOTE: Can Technology Innovation Save The New York Times?
  3. Lessons from Building and Scaling LinkedIn
  4. Facebook Messages: Backup & Replication Systems on HBase
  • Bruce Schneier
  • Marc Frons and Rajiv Pant
  • Jay Kreps
  • Nicolas Spiegelberg
01 JUL
  1. Java Concurrent Animated
  2. Decomposing Twitter: Adventures in Service-Oriented Architecture
  3. Polyglot Architectures for Data Integration/User experience driven architecture
  4. E Pluribus Unum: A Survey of Multiparadigm Programming
  • Victor Grazi
  • Jeremy Cloud
  • Praful J Todkar & Cassandra Shum
  • Paul Snively
  1. Deep Dive into G1 Garbage Collector
  2. Polyglot Architecture: A Rational Approach to Software Design
  3. Building Polyglot Projects
  4. Polygot Architecture for Rapid Release: Friend or Foe?
  • Charlie Hunt & Monica Beckwith
  • Rick Minerich
  • Kurt Schrader
  • Rachel Laycock
15 JUL
  1. Feedback-based Evolutionary Design
  2. The Process, Technology and Practice of Continuous Delivery
  3. The Strangler Pipeline: Winning over Hearts and Minds
  4. A Continuous Delivery Maturity Model
  • Graham Brooks
  • Dave Farley
  • Steve Smith
  • Eric Minick
22 JUL
  1. Mobile-friendly Server Interfaces
  2. Design Patterns for Mobile Applications
  3. Managing Experimentation in a Continuously Deployed Environment
  4. Meteor - Web Development Like You Never Seen
  • Brittany Tarvin & Saul Mora & Graham Lee
  • Saul Mora
  • Wil Stuckey
  • Matt Debergalis
29 JUL
  1. Hyper Focused to a Fault
  2. Gamifying Enterprise Mobile Applications: Do We Have a Winner?
  3. Look Ma, No Connections! Building Offline-capable Web Apps with HTML5
  4. Wrangling WebRTC: Challenges and Opportunities for Real-time Communication
  • Brittany Tarvin
  • Michelle Andreassen
  • Bijan Vaez
  • Gustavo Garcia
  1. Designing for Engagement
  2. Component-Oriented Web Development with Dart
  3. Building Applications using Apache Hadoop
  4. Lessons Learned Building Storm
  • Jaimee Newberry
  • Kevin Moore
  • Eli Collins
  • Nathan Marz
12 AUG
  1. Leveraging Your Hadoop Cluster Better - Running Performant Code at Scale
  2. Data Science of Love
  3. Screwing Up For Less
  4. The Assassin's Mindset: Identifying Assumptions to De-Risk Your Idea
  • Michael Kopp
  • Vaclav Petricek
  • Stephen Hardisty
  • Giff Constable
19 AUG
  1. Building with Lean: A Cross-Functional Pairing Approach
  2. Lean'ing at Crowdtap
  3. Lean Engineering: Applying Lean Startup Principles at Paypal
  4. The Code that Isn't There
  • Ben Burton & Jono Mallanyk
  • Kareem Kouddous
  • Bill Scott
  • Scott Vokes
26 AUG
  1. Mary Had a Little Lambda
  2. Embedded Java and MQTT
  3. Code to Cloud: Continuous Delivery with Windows Azure
  4. Shedding Light on the Cloud: Defining Clouds and Best Practices
  • Stephen Chin
  • Peter Niblett
  • Justin Beckwith
  • Paul Weiss
  1. Immersive Teaching and Research in Data Sciences via Cloud Computing
  2. The Game of Team Culture
  3. Hiring for Hackers
  4. How Netflix Leverages ("the cloud" + the Netflix Platform) for Rapid Development and Easy Operations
  • Karim Chine
  • Dan Mezick
  • Pete Soderling
  • Jeremy Edberg
  1. Testable JavaScript
  2. Surviving Big JavaScript Projects
  3. Combining JavaScript with Other Languages on the Web
  4. Leveraging Unstructured Data for Operational Intelligence - When Last Minute Fixes Are "Strategic"
  • Mark Ethan Trostler
  • Anton Kovalyov
  • Alon Zakai
  • Dan Schwartz
16 SEP
  1. HTML5 Adoption in Finance - Migration Strategies and Challenges
  2. Amazon DynamoDB Design Patterns & Best Practices
  3. Building Modern Web Sites : A Story of Scalability and Availability
  4. Resiliency through Failure - Netflix's Approach to Extreme Availability in the Cloud
  • Mazy Dar & Asim Malik
  • Siva Raghupathy
  • Sid Anand
  • Ariel Tseitlin
23 SEP
  1. Leveraging Scriptable Infrastructures, Towards a Paradigm Shift in Software for Data Science
  2. Evolving Panorama of Data
  3. A Little Graph Theory for the Busy Developer
  4. A Guide to Python Frameworks for Hadoop
  • Karim Chine
  • Rebecca Parsons
  • Jim Webber
  • Uri Laserson
30 SEP
  1. Testing Mobile Apps using Node.js, Appium, and Robots
  2. The past, present, and future of web apps
  3. Making the Internet a Better Place: Scaling AppNexus
  4. KEYNOTE: First, Let's Kill All the Product Owners
  • Jason Huggins
  • Erik Bryn
  • Mike Nolet
  • Tim Berglund
  1. Dare Mighty Things: How JPL explores the cosmos through the clouds
  2. Culture Hacking: The Prospect of Magnificence
  3. Do Agile Methods Contain the Seeds of Their Own Destruction?
  4. The Functional Database
  • Rob Witoff
  • Jim McCarthy
  • Amr Elssamadisy
  • Rich Hickey
14 OCT
  1. Building Java HTML5/WebSocket Applications with JSR 356
  2. Purely Functional I/O
  3. You Don't Know Beans About CoffeeScript
  4. Functional Programming For Web Programmers
  • Reza Rahman
  • Runar Bjarnason
  • Aseem Kishore
  • Sadek Drobi
21 OCT
  1. Innovation in the Enterprise: The Intrapreneurs behind the Scene
  2. High Speed Smart Data Ingest into Hadoop
  • Debbie Madden
  • Oleg Zhurakousky
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.

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