Aaron Erickson's picture
Author of The Nomadic Developer. Co-author of Professional F#.
Alex Gaber's picture
API Evangelist, Layer 7
Alexander von Zitzewitz's picture
Co-founder of hello2morrow Inc.
Alon Zakai's picture
Researcher at Mozilla
Amr Elssamadisy's picture
Director of Client Services, Industrial Logic,Inc. and Author of "Agile Adoption Patterns"
Andy Thurai's picture
Chief Architectand Group CTO of Application Security and Identity Products, Intel
Anton Kovalyov's picture
Creator of JSHint, Mozilla Engineer
Ariel Tseitlin's picture
Director of Cloud Solutions at Netflix
Arun Kejariwal's picture
Engineer at Twitter
Aseem Kishore's picture
Lead Web Developer at FiftyThree
Asim Malik's picture
HTML5 enthusiast and Java, GWT veteran
Ben Burton's picture
Software Engineer at Neo
Bijan Vaez's picture
CTO and CoFounder at EventMobi
Bill Scott's picture
Sr. Director, UI Engineering, PayPal
Brian Falk's picture
Brian Falk - Entrepreneur and Developer
Brittany Tarvin's picture
Co-founderand CEO At FadingRed, Girl Develop It Chicago Leader
Bruce Schneier's picture
Security Guru
Bryce Yan's picture
Bryce - Staff CapacityEngineer, Twitter
Cassandra Shum's picture
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks
Charlie Hunt's picture
Author of Java Performance book
Christophe Coenraets's picture
Technical Evangelist for Adobe
Chuck Doerr's picture
Financial technology veteran and HTML5 entrepreneur
Clive Saha's picture
Distributed systems and performance geek
Colin Melia's picture
Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP for Silverlight
Dan Mezick's picture
Author of THE CULTURE GAME: Tools for the Agile Manager
Dan Schwartz's picture
MD, Dodd-Frank Technology, RBS Securities
Daniel Gross's picture
CEO of Cue
Dave Farley's picture
Author of Jolt award winning "Continuous Delivery"
Debbie Madden's picture
EVP for Cyrus Innovation, Organizer of NY Intrapreneur, Expert on Enterprise Startup Trends
Dio Synodinos's picture
Author, Lead HTML5/JS Editor at InfoQ
Doug Clarke's picture
Co-Project Lead, EclipseLink
Eli Collins's picture
Eric Minick's picture
lead consultant at UrbanCode
Erik Bryn's picture
Core Team Member, Ember.js
Erik Meijer's picture
Creator Rx, LINQ
Frank Greco's picture
Director of Technology, Kaazing Corporation
Frederic Desbiens's picture
Co-Author, WebCenter 11g
Giff Constable's picture
Managing Director, Neo's New York City Practice
Gil Tene's picture
CTO & Co-Founder, Azul Systems
Graham Lee's picture
Mobile App Developer, Agant; SecurityConsultant; Author
Graham Brooks's picture
Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks
Greg Bujak's picture
Recovering Java Team Lead and Architect. Current Splunk enthusiast
Jaimee Newberry's picture
Experience Designer @ Black Pixel (NetNewsWire), WWDCGirls
Jason Huggins's picture
Co-founder of Sauce Labs
Jay Kreps's picture
Principle Staff Engineer at LinkedIn
Jen Simmons's picture
Web Designer, Host of The Web Ahead
Jeremy Cloud's picture
Tech Lead of the Tweet Service Team at Twitter
Jeremy Edberg's picture
Reliability Architect, Netflix
Jim Webber's picture
Chief Scientist at Neo Technology & Co-Author of "Rest in Practice
Jim McCarthy's picture
John D'Emic's picture
Solutions Architect, MuleSoft
John Wetherill's picture
Developer Evangelist, Active State
John Bennett's picture
VP Technology, Huge Inc.
Jono Mallanyk's picture
Senior Designer at Neo
Justin Beckwith's picture
PM, Web Developer and Geek Dad @ Windows Azure
Kareem Kouddous's picture
CTO & Founder at Crowdtap. Founder of the NYC Lean Startup Meetup
Karim Chine's picture
Inventor of the data operating system Elastic-R
Ken Overton's picture
SME, Trading Systems Architecture, SOA, EDA
Kevin Moore's picture
Google Developer Expert for Dart, Dart Core Contributor
Khawaja Shams's picture
Kurt Schrader's picture
CTO, Intent Media
Marc Frons's picture
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, The New York Times
Mark Meretzky's picture
teaches Unix and C++ at New York University SCPS
Mark Trostler's picture
Author of O'Reilly's 'Testable JavaScript'
Matt Debergalis's picture
Meteor founder and core developer
Matt Clark's picture
Design Lead, Sky
Matthew McCullough's picture
VP Training, Github
Mazy Dar's picture
Financialtechnology veteran and HTML5 entrepreneur
Michael Kopp's picture
Technology Strategist in CompuwareAPM
Michelle Andreassen's picture
Enterprise Architect at LEGO
Mike Amundsen's picture
Principal API Architect, Layer 7 Technologies
Mike Nolet's picture
Mike Nolet, CTO & Co-Founder AppNexus
Monica Beckwith's picture
Performance Lead for Garbage First Garbage Collector
Nathan Marz's picture
Founder, Stealth Startup & Inventor of Storm
Nicolas Spiegelberg's picture
Storage engineer in the Facebook HBase Engineering team
Nilanjan Raychaudhuri's picture
Core Team Member Play Framework, Typesafe
Oleg Zhurakousky's picture
Principal Architect @ Hortonworks
Paul Weiss's picture
Technical Marketing Manager at Eucalyptus Systems
Paul Waters's picture
Real-time Risk Re-architecture IT Lead
Paul Snively's picture
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, VMWare
Pete Soderling's picture
Founder of g33ktalk, engineer & business hacker
Peter Niblett's picture
IBM Senior Technical Staff Member
Peter Bell's picture
Founder, SpeakG33k
Praful Todkar's picture
Praful - Lead Consultant
Prem Melville's picture
Machine learning and data mining egghead
Rachel Laycock's picture
Lead Consultant @ ThoughtWorks
Rajiv Pant's picture
Chief Technology Officer & VPĀ at The New York Times
Ramesh Balakrishnan's picture
Engineering Lead for Photos at Dropbox
Rebecca Parsons's picture
Chief Technology Officer, ThoughtWorks
Reza Rahman's picture
Java EE/GlassFish Evangelist
Rich Hickey's picture
Creator of Clojure and Datomic
Richard Clark's picture
Senior Director Technical Communication, Kaazing
Richard Minerich's picture
Functional Revolutionary, Senior Researcher at Bayard Rock
Rob Witoff's picture
Data Scientist, JPL
Runar Bjarnason's picture
Co-Author "Functional Programming in Scala"
Sadek Drobi's picture
Creator Play 2.0 Framework
Sam Shah's picture
Principal Engineer in LinkedIn Data Team
Saul Mora's picture
Host of NSBrief podcast, MagicalRecord
Scott Vokes's picture
Generalist, Atomic Object
Sid Anand's picture
Software Architect, Search Infrastructure @ LinkedIn
Sidd Singh's picture
Software Architect, Search Infrastructure @ LinkedIn
Stephen Hardisty's picture
Engineering Manager at Etsy
Stephen Chin's picture
Java Hacker and Co-author of Pro JavaFX Platform
Steve Smith's picture
Technical team lead at Sky Network Services
Tim Berglund's picture
Training at GitHub
Tim Atkinson's picture
Innovation Fellow, GoChime
Tom_Santero's picture
Technical Evangelist at Basho Technologies
Tom Banks's picture
Technical Evangelist, IBM
Senior Solutions Consultant, AppDynamics
Trevor McLeod's picture
Trevor McLeod - Founder, NodeLingo
Uri Laserson's picture
Vaclav Petricek's picture
Principal Data Scientist @ eHarmony
Vassil Avramov's picture
Vassil Avramov is a founder and CTO ofRisk Focus
Victor Grazi's picture
Creator of Java Concurrent Animated
Wil Stuckey's picture
Software Engineer at Etsy