Financial Services Unconference

Legends Ballroom - Robinson-Whitman

Meeting each other in the context of conversations we care about is why at QCon we are giving prime time to the unconference format; it creates a space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity.

First we’ll father in a circle to be guided through creating an agenda using open space technology. Then there will be three three 20 minute time slots, each with 5 concurrent break out discussions that were designed by you.

Attendees often know more than the speakers! Bring your questions, ideas - be prepared to be surprised.

Amr Elssamadisy's picture
Amr Elssamadisy brings together individual human dynamics, environment and cultural engineering, and agile software development practices to produce immediate and lasting results for his clients. With a hands-on approach, and infectious can-do attitude, Amr leverages his years of experience (both success and failure) to hold up a mirror to the organization and then guide and teach his clients to make incremental, measurable improvements.Amr believes that agile software development techniques are a great tool-set, but they are neither necessary nor sufficient when it comes to huge multi-national organizations that build suites of software and have grown both organically and through acquisitions. When it comes to these levels of complexity, meaningful results can only be achieved by introducing effective individual human dynamics skills and changing corporate culture. Skills such as ownership, respect, clarity, and making and honoring agreements are critical to successful teamwork and that type of change can only last within an environment that expects, encourages, and rewards these behaviors. All too often agile adoptions and transformations fail to show results because of the lack of explicit attention on these issues.Amr has been working with small and large teams within organizations to improve their software development methods of work to make significant changes in things that really matter to the organization such as time to market and quality of software. By doing this work with teams and organizations he has been able combine individual human dynamics and culture change in a format that resonates deeply with knowledge workers (many of which consider these skills unimportant and "touchy-feely") to help effect spectacular results that make a lasting impact.Amr is also the author of Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success and Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption and a frequent speaker at software development conferences.