Dare Mighty Things: How JPL explores the cosmos through the clouds

Legends Ballroom - Robinson-Whitman

This talk will cover how JPL uses cloud computing to enable research, engineering and operations technologies. We will cover how interplanetary missions like the Curiosity rover rely on cloud technologies, including those orchestrated by NASA's Polyphony toolkit using capabilities like EC2, CloudFormation, Simple Storage Service, and Simple Workflow to process telemetry downlinked from the cosmos. Learn about how the image processing pipeline for Mars Rovers works and where it’s technology is headed directly from the practitioners - and also see other great natural fit use cases for cloud computing.

Rob Witoff's picture
Rob Witoff is the Data Scientist in the CTO's office at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a Y Combinator founder.  He is JPL's first dedicated Data Scientist and his development team is incubating Big Data solutions supporting a variety of space, earth, infrastructure and business assets.