Mobile-friendly server interfaces

Grand Ballroom - Salon F

An important use case for mobile apps is providing instant access to remote resources, whether it be social networks or enterprise services. How can the server API and the client app be designed in parallel to improve the experience? This panel will discuss things to do and to avoid in building APIs for mobile apps, and answer your questions on the topic.

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Saul is an active member of the Cocoa developer community and contributes by blogging, producing NSBrief (a developer podcast, http://nsbrief.com), contributing to open source projects, and helping to teach others about the wonders and methods of developing applications.
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Brittany is the Co-founder and CEO of FadingRed, a small, privately held, mobile, web, and desktop software development team in Chicago, Illinois. With a background in Industrial Engineering and a former stint as a technology consultant, she has honed her development skills by creating Mac and iOS apps to solve everyday dilemmas. At FadingRed, Brittany focuses on crafting elegant and simple apps for her customers and clients, that grace the top charts of the app stores, or transform internal workflows. Brittany wholeheartedly believes that teaching people to code is one of the best things any developer can do for the future of technology, and has launched a Chicago chapter of Girl Develop It to do just that. She is also a co-organizer for the technology conference SecondConf, as well as a mentor at the Mobile Makers Academy. Originally from Cincinnati, Brittany enjoys eating chocolate, cooking (especially with chocolate), and creating paintings to fill vacant walls.
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Graham Lee is a security consultant and contract developer, specialising in iOS and Mac OS X application development. He is the author of "Professional Cocoa Application Security", published by Wiley in 2010 and described as a "must read" by someone who isn't even related to him. Graham lives and works in Oxford, UK.