The Assassin's Mindset: Identifying Assumptions to De-Risk Your Idea

Grand Ballroom - Salon C

Every product is built upon a belief system. We make assumptions about the customer, their need, the best solution, the business model, etc. We like to believe that our opinions are facts, but in truth they are mere hypotheses abou the world. If we are truly "lean", our mission is to identify our beliefs, separate out the riskiests assumptions, and invalidate the vulnerable ones as quickly as possible. In this talk, Giff Constable, a repeat entrepreneur and current Managing Director at Neo, will share 4 tactics for thinking holistically about your idea and clearly identifying, prioritizing and tackling your assumptions.

Giff Constable's picture
Giff Constable is a Managing Director for Neo's New York City practice. He is an early-stage specialist with 17 years of startup experience and a cross-functional skill set. Giff has built and marketed consumer applications, games, and enterprise software, and has created digital experiences for many of the biggest companies in the world. He co-organizes the 3,800-member Lean Startup Meetup in New York and regularly speaks about innovation and entrepreneurial best practices. Giff blogs athttp://giffconstable.com