Dumb and Dumber-- How Smart is Your Monitoring Data?

Legends Ballroom - Gleason-Roebling

Big Data is all the rage right now. Everyone from a social media company to your grandmother's online knitting store is suddenly a big data shop. Application monitoring tools are no exception from this trend they collect gigabytes of monitoring data from your application every minute. But most of this data is useless. It's dumb data. More data isn't better if the data you're getting from your tools isn't helping you do your job in fact, it's worse. In this session we'll talk how to be a little smarter about collecting monitoring data, and how to ensure that the data we're collecting is intelligent, too. I'll talk about a few of the monitoring solutions and approaches I've used during my career as a monitoring architect at a large financial services institution, as well as present a few case studies of customers who have managed to make the leap from bigger data to smarter data.

Travis Johnson is a Senior Solutions Consultant with AppDynamics spreading the word of their next generation Application Performance Management solution. He is a veteran in the APM industry, having spent more than 14 years with likes of Keynote Systems, Coradiant, and BMC Software. He has been involved in a broad range of industries including Financial, Healthcare and E-Commerce. Travis is a graduate of the US Naval Academy with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. In his spare time, Travis enjoys sailing and snow skiing.