The DevOps Case for Hybrid: How to Get 100VMs On a Hybrid Cloud ... in Minutes

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Hybrid is the future! Unless youre using Stackato, in which case, its here already! In this interactive session, ActiveState Developer Evangelist John Wetherill will show you how to manage applications and data across public and private cloud architectures with\ Stackato PaaS technology from ActiveState.

The presentation and demo will provide practical 'how-to' approaches for deploying hybrid cloud applications easily, quickly, and securely with Stackato

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Originally from Canada, John has spent much of his career designing and building software at a handful of startups, at Sun Microsystems, NeXT Inc., and more recently in the smart grid and energy space. His biggest passion is for developer tools, or more generally any tool, language, process, or system that improves developer productivity and quality of life. Without question, Stackato is one such tool and the reason why he is here. No stranger to technology evangelism, John spent several years in the late 1990's on Sun's Technology Evangelism Team spreading the Java Gospel across the globe and focusing on the prolific number of Java technologies. Now John is now returning to his roots, as a technology evangelist working for a Canadian company, albeit remotely from Santa Cruz. Follow John on Twitter: @bcferrycoder.