The Strangler Pipeline: Winning over Hearts and Minds

Grand Ballroom - Salon C

Continuous Delivery is not just about automation - it's also about persuading people to adopt a revolutionary mindset. But how do you foment the necessary change when you can't see the wood for the silos?

In this talk Steve Smith will share some of the change patterns used to establish the Continuous Delivery of 60+ applications at Sky Network Services over the past 2 years, and how they fit into an optimal cycle time strategy.

Steve Smith's picture
Steve Smith has worked in the software industry since 2003 for companies such as LMAX and Reed Elsevier, and is currently a senior agile developer and technical team lead at Sky Network Services. He blogs about agile practices and Continuous Delivery at www.stephen-smith.co.uk and flogs it at @agilestevesmith. His interests are cricket, travel, and gin.