The process, technology and practice of Continuous Delivery

Grand Ballroom - Salon C

"Dave Farley is co-author of the book "Continuous Delivery" which describes the use of high levels of automation and collaboration inthe delivery process to ensure high quality software and a reduction in errors and late nights.

This talk introduces the ideas ofContinuous Delivery as a practical everyday process, using some of the techniques and technologies from a real world project as anexample."

Dave Farley's picture
Dave Farley has been having fun with computers for over 30 years. During that period he has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers, to writing games, and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. He started working in large scale distributed systems about 20 years ago, doing research into the development of loose-coupled, message-based systems - a forerunner of SOA. He has a wide range of experience leading the development of complex software in teams, both large and small, in the UK and USA. Dave was an early adopter of agile development techniques, employing iterative development, continuous integration and significant levels of automated testing on commercial projects from the early 1990s.Dave is co-author of the widely acclaimed book, Continuous Delivery" and was part of a small team who created the Duke award winning 'LMAX Disruptor'. Dave is currently working in the area of high performance computing in the finance sector for Getco Ltd."