The Game of Team Culture

Grand Ballroom - Salon C

Your team at work is playing a game. Well structured games deliver happiness while poorly structured games are not fun to play. This has implications for your team.If the core requirements for happiness at work are not present, you disengage and check out. If the core requirements are there, you automatically experience fun, satisfaction and potentially, a deeply engaged sense of well-being. This session shows how to deliver happiness through the intentional design and implementation of good-game mechanics inside your team.Work is BROKEN when it is not fun to play. In this session, we provide tools for playing an all-new game of engagement and team learning. By injecting good-game mechanics into the structure of work and meetings, you can help your team rapidly learn, have fun, and be more productive.Why a genuine sense of control, progress, belonging and membership matter. Why a clear aim and sense of team purpose is essential. Why Scrum and Kanban are good games. How to use game thinking to improve the culture and morale of your team

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Daniel Mezick is an Executive and Agile Coach at www.FreeStandingAgility.com, a team of Agile coaches based in Boston. Daniel has coached hundreds of teams adopting Agile since 2008. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences and a founder of the www.AgileBoston.org user group. His book www.TheCultureGame.com describes 16 patterns and practices derived from Agile that any team can use to bring more learning, engagement and productivity to the world of work. Learn more at www.DanielMezick.com, reach Daniel on Twitter @DanMezick, emailhim at dan@newtechusa.net, or call him at 203 915 7248.