You Don't Know Beans About CoffeeScript

Grand Ballroom - Salon F

You've heard of CoffeeScript. It's a "little language" that compiles to JavaScript. And you've probably seen it, too. It gets rid of parentheses and braces and has significant whitespace, like Python or Ruby.

But do you really *know* it? If you haven't written a whole application in it, I claim that you don't.

Sure, on the surface, CoffeeScript looks like it's just a syntax change. But under the covers, there's an astounding breadth of features that make the language richer, more expressive, and more robust than JavaScript.

Paul Graham talks about the ""Blub Paradox"": we can't recognize languages more powerful than the ones we know. CoffeeScript is a prime example: until you truly learn it, you won't appreciate it.  

So come challenge yourself and learn about the real CoffeeScript! You'll be glad you did -- I guarantee it.

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Aseem Kishore is a developer at FiftyThree, the company behind the award-winning iPad app Paper. Aseem was previously co-founder of The Thingdom, a social network around products, before its acquisition by FiftyThree. Both The Thingdom and FiftyThree's next product are built on Node.js, and Aseem is the co-author and maintainer of several open-source Node.js modules and libraries. Prior to jumping into the startup world, Aseem was a developer at Microsoft Live Labs, where he built Seadragon Ajax, an image streaming platform written entirely in JavaScript and HTML5. He graduated from MIT in 2008.