The Code that Isn't There

Grand Ballroom - Salon D

Data structures have a fundamental impact on the behavior, scalability, and adaptability of systems. The right data structures do much of your work for you, channeling your code's path of least resistance to your goals. The wrong ones can actively undermine your efforts or waste your time plugging holes left by unnecessary generality.

My talk will present some lesser-known data structures and show how aspects such as probability distributions and content-addressable storage can become tools to shape global system behavior.

Scott Vokes's picture
Scott Vokes is a developer at Atomic Object, where he primarily works on embedded systems and the tools surrounding them. Previous work has included compilers/static analysis, search, and architectural/electrical planning systems. When he isn't on github or [twitter](twitter.com/silentbicycle), he can often be spotted biking around Grand Rapids, MI. His main research interests include distributed systems, information retrieval, real-time systems, vector languages, and constraint/logic programming.