Shedding Light on the Cloud: Defining clouds and best practices

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While the battle of the clouds continue to make industry headlines, the reality remains that cloud computing is still in its infancy. With so
many cloud infrastructure options available, it can be difficult for IT leaders to choose the route that maximizes their companys scope of
work while keeping costs competitive. In this session, Paul Weiss, Technical Marketing Manager for Eucalyptus, will provide a
step-by-step overview and comparison of on-premise, public, and hybrid clouds and walk participants through how to select the right cloud model (or models) for their business. Paul will discuss each model in detail and provide insight into how and when an organization can best utilize their cloud deployments to bring agility to the business. The speaker will also discuss specific use cases that highlight the triumphs and pitfalls on the path to cloud computing help shed light on how to
implement an appropriate cloud strategy.

Paul Weiss's picture
Paul Weiss is the Technical Marketing Manager at Eucalyptus Systems working with Enterprise customers across the globe. He worked at VMware for over 3 years and has worked with virtualization products for many years. He has also worked as a VMware Specialist at a Premier VMware Partner, a Senior Systems Architect with a primary focus on large Sun environments, and as a Sun Certified Instructor. Paul has over 16 years of Enterprise IT experience and is certified in many solutions like Solaris, Red Hat and VMware. Paul also served in the U.S. Army for 15 years and is a Gulf War veteran.