Real-time Aggregation of Big Data for Trading and Risk Management

Legends Ballroom - Robinson-Whitman

Changes in the Regulatory environment are forcing firms to enhance their Risk Management systems. There is an increased demand to run more sophisticated scenarios, monitor the effects of real time market movements on ad-hoc portfolios and produce results more quickly. We will examine new technologies and approaches that allow us to deal with the challenges of aggregating hundreds of million pieces of data on the fly; migrating from existing systems with minimal disruption; integrating with legacy systems for real time data feeds; performing complex calculations/aggregations across asset classes in real time.

Paul Waters's picture
For the last decade Paul has worked at CME Group focusing on converting legacy mainframe and batch systems into real time, distributed platforms. He is currently focused on risk management, the last great bastion of batch processing in the financial industry. Prior to joining CME Group, Paul worked in the healthcare and telecomm industries. Paul graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.