User experience driven architecture

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Coming from a traditional web application background, the definition of user experience was slapping some UI jazz on top of some data received from the server. On a recent project, developing tablet based learning platform, our world was turned upside down because the user experience was a major focus of the platform, almost to the point where it was driving our architecture in a big way. Come experience for yourself the exciting journey we have undertook in building user experience driven architecture.

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Cassandra is a Senior Consultant with ThoughtWorks, who has primarily been leading and working in many mobile projects. She has primarily been involved in IOS, Android and Mobile web applications that are supported on multiple devices. She is also one of the leaders in the initiative to organize the women's group in ThoughtWorks and is also involved in promoting more female speakers in technology.
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Praful is a Lead Consultant with ThoughtWorks, where he has been leading large projects for clients in US and UK. He has been primarily involved in working on web and data integration technologies. His mantra is to build loosely-coupled, single-responsibility components, with contracts validated by tests.