Lessons from Building and Scaling LinkedIn

Grand Ballroom - Salon D

As LinkedIn has grown from a small application to a network of 200 million professionals the underlying technology has grown too. This talk will cover the evolution of LinkedIn's architecture and a few of the key lessons we have learned. This includes how we grew our technology stack from a monolithic application to a distributed set of services, how we moved from a single centralized database to distributed data stores, and how we scaled our development practices to support hundreds of engineers.

Jay Kreps's picture
Jay Kreps is a Principle Staff Engineer at LinkedIn where he acts as the technical lead for data infrastructure and relevance areas. He is the original engineer for several open source projects developed there including Voldemort (a key-value store), Azkaban (a Hadoop workflow scheduler), and Apache Kafka (a distributed messaging system). He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz where he studied Machine Learning.