Java Concurrent Animated

Grand Ballroom - Salon A/B

This presentation consists of a series of animations that visualize the functionality of the components in the java.util.concurrent library.

Each animation features buttons that correspond to the method calls in that component. Each click of a button shows how the threads interact in real time. The animations are controlled by the actual Java concurrent component they are illustrating, so the animation is not only a visual demonstration, it's also a code sample. Threads are color coded according to the thread state

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Recently inducted as an Oracle Java Champion, Victor Grazi is a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase Securities Lending Division. He is also a frequent presenter at technical conferences where he speaks about his first love, Java concurrency, and other Java related topics. Victor is a Java editor at InfoQ, is contributor and trainer on the popular 'Concurrency Specialist Course' and hosts the 'Java Concurrent Animated' open source project on SourceForge.