Innovation in the Enterprise: The Intrapreneurs behind the Scenes"

Grand Ballroom - Salon C

QCon focuses largely on innovation from a technical perspective. At the core of this innovation is people, specifically Intrapreneurs. (Wikipedia defines Intrapreneurship as 'the act of behaving like anentrepreneurwhile working within a large organization.') In an interesting survey of NYC Intrapreneurs, weve uncovered the strengths of many innovators inside our citys enterprises. What types of attributes do these individuals leading the change have in common? How can one identify as an Intrapreneur?What can we do to impact technical innovation from a human perspective?

Debbie Madden's picture
For 17 years, Debbie has helped grow tech companies from the ground up and is currently the Executive Vice President at Cyrus Innovation. Debbie loves taking an idea from concept to completion and developing processes that support growth and success. Her personal mission at Cyrus is to ensure the company has highest quality employees, the highest quality clients, and highly efficient internal processes that are proactive and enable the company to run smoothly. Before Cyrus, Debbie flexed her entrepreneurial muscles by founding Fetch-a-Flick, Manhattan's only door-to-door DVD and snack delivery service back in 2002. In more corporate roles, Debbie served as Director of Customer Support at MircoStrategy, managing a 65-person department providing technical support throughout the Americas and Asia. Earlier in her career, she was an Associate Business Analyst at Kraft Foods where she was responsible for implementing standard practices across 55 US-based manufacturing plants. In addition to being the EVP of a highly successful software company, Debbie is also an established thought leader in the local tech community. She is the organizer of NY Intrapreneur: Innovation in the Enterprise, and lectures and writes on enterprise and startup trends.