Hyper Focused to a Fault

Grand Ballroom - Salon F

Mobile applications of today all have one characteristic in common. By design, they are narrowly focused, isolated, and self contained. Focus is important for expertise and simplification of user experience; isolated, self-contained apps are important for privacy and security concerns. But this model has serious limitations. What if your nutrition app could record the fact that you just completed a run and burned 500 calories? What if after making a purchase through a shopping app, your favorite personal finance app could learn that you just spent $50 on shoes and $200 on clothing? No one application will ever be able to solve all these problems well. Can we, however, solve the privacy and security concerns which prevent this kind of inter-app communication? The stand-out apps of the future must, if they are to support advanced open data and API standards that will allow their power and reach to spread far beyond any one focus.

Brittany Tarvin's picture
Brittany is the Co-founder and CEO of FadingRed, a small, privately held, mobile, web, and desktop software development team in Chicago, Illinois. With a background in Industrial Engineering and a former stint as a technology consultant, she has honed her development skills by creating Mac and iOS apps to solve everyday dilemmas. At FadingRed, Brittany focuses on crafting elegant and simple apps for her customers and clients, that grace the top charts of the app stores, or transform internal workflows. Brittany wholeheartedly believes that teaching people to code is one of the best things any developer can do for the future of technology, and has launched a Chicago chapter of Girl Develop It to do just that. She is also a co-organizer for the technology conference SecondConf, as well as a mentor at the Mobile Makers Academy. Originally from Cincinnati, Brittany enjoys eating chocolate, cooking (especially with chocolate), and creating paintings to fill vacant walls.