How Netflix Leverages ("the cloud" + the Netflix Platform) for Rapid Development and Easy Operations

Legends Ballroom - Robinson-Whitman

In this session, learn how Netflix has embraced DevOps and leveraged all that the cloud has to offer to allow our developers maximum freedom and agility.

I will start with a brief overview of the Netflix philosophy around operations, how we build for failure and horizontal distribution, how we dont use ad-hoc configuration tools but instead fully baked machine images for deployment, how we have no QA department or release engineer, and our overall philosophy of developer freedom and automation. Ill also discuss our service based architecture which is highly aligned but loosely coupled.

The next section of the talk will cover the Netflix Global PaaS and how we use it. I will cover the various parts of the platform that are open source, and give practical examples of its use, including a live demo of deploying an application with Asgard. Ill also explain in detail how we build, manage and maintain our machine images and deploy code. This section will also cover our monitoring and alerting tools, and how weve built those to be self service for our Devops teams.

Ill then cover how we handle data and scale our storage and operate 'data as a service'.

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Jeremy is currently the Reliability Architect for Netflix, the largest video streaming service in the world. Before that he ran reddit, an online community for sharing and discussing interesting things on the internet that does more than four billion pageviews a month. Both run their entire operations on Amazon's EC2. Jeremy has keynoted at conferences such as PyCon and Cloud Connect, and holds a cognitive Science degree from UC Berkeley.