Hiring for Hackers

Grand Ballroom - Salon C

If you want to work on an amazing team, dont leave the job to someone else. This talk will explain from-the-trenches, battle-tested tactics an engineer can use to successfully attract the best developers to their team. Learn how to more effectively tell the story of your product & tech and create powerful talent magnets that attract the best and brightest. Develop better techniques for screening & interviewing engineers more quickly and effectively. Discover practical ways to build a unique engineering brand that will put your team at the top of the pack. If you want to get better at hiring and/or move into a position of engineering leadership, this talk will give you actionable ideas on how to build a better team.

Pete Soderling's picture
Pete Soderling is the founder of g33ktalk, an international community of startup software engineers. He is a self-taught engineer who has developed online platforms & applications since the early days of the internet. Since 2004, Pete has been a serial tech entrepreneur (NYC and the Bay Area) and has recruited his own engineering teams for his past three ventures. For the past 5 years, Pete has worked as a engineering ambassador helping companies such as Amazon, Tumblr, IHeartRadio, TaskRabbit, NBC Universal and many others build their technical teams and attract top engineering talent. Pete holds a B.S. in Information Systems Management from New York University where he graduated with honors. He is a published author and is a regular conference speaker (O'Reilly Strata, RSA Conference, Silicon Valley Code Camp and others).