Gamifying Enterprise Mobile Applications: Do we have a winner?

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Many people are talking about gamification as this smart marketing method for selling more products and improving customer loyalty simply by adding game elements to applications. But why not use gamification internally in the company and make boring everyday tasks more fun for the employees? By adding game mechanics to your enterprise mobile apps you should be able to increase work satisfaction and time of deliveries while showing the employees that you are ahead in technology.
We will take a business-to-employee look at UX, prototyping and user testing of gamified enterprise mobile apps to see if these really do bring more value to the company or if its all buzz and no bees.

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Michelle Andreassen works in Enterprise Architecture at The LEGO Group, where she is involved in their Enterprise Mobility Project. She is a Stud.MSc. in IT(Web architecture), writing a Master Thesis on Gamification in Enterprise Mobile Applications. She is very passionate about gamification and user experience and wants people to think about the experience and not just the features, when it comes to mobile applications.