Facebook Messages: Backup & Replication Systems on HBase

Grand Ballroom - Salon D

Facebook Messages is built on top of HBase, an open source distributed database system under active development.Facebook focuses on moving fast and being bold. To empower this philosophy, Facebook infrastructure needs robust solutions so developer mistakes, power failure, or hardware upgrades minimally affect user experience. We have built robust backup & replication systems for HBase that allow us to transition access to petabytes of user data in minutes. This presentation will talk about the various systems that have been designed for this goal, how they have iteratively evolved as the product matured, and algorithmic scaling challenges to handle the 500TB of data added toFacebook Messagesper month.

Nicolas Spiegelberg's picture
Nicolas Spiegelberg is a storage engineer in the Facebook HBase Engineering team. For three years, he has helped take the open source HBase project from concept to production on multiple critical & large-scale systems within Facebook. Additionally, Nicolas is an Apache committer and PMC for HBase, contributing many critical features to open source such as HDFS data reliability, Bloom Filters, and compaction optimizations.  Currently, he is heading a New York based engineering effort to provide HBase multi-datacenter solutions.