E Pluribus Unum: A Survey of Multiparadigm Programming

Legends Ballroom - Robinson-Whitman

You're probably familiar with polyglot programming, especially if you're a web developer. SQL for your relational database, Java or Ruby or Python for your middle tier, JavaScript for your browser. Each of these languages has particular strengths and weaknesses, so we try to use the best tool for the job in each tier. In this presentation, Paul Snively will show how some of these benefits can be obtained without switching languages among tiers using languages that are, by design or by accident, multiparadigm: the increasingly-popular OO/FP hybrid Scala, the reviled-but-still-useful C++, and the wat-inducing OCaml. Be prepared to have your polyglot assumptions challenged and to have fun in the process.

Paul Snively's picture
Paul Snively is a 30-year veteran of the software development industry with a passion for programming languages, physics, and math. He's developed everything from games to word processors to educational software to investment advice systems to e-commerce systems in at least half a dozen languages. Paul uses Scala on the job in the Cloud Infrastructure Engineering group at VMware.