Deep Dive into G1 Garbage Collector

Grand Ballroom - Salon A/B

The garbage-first, also know as the G1, garbage collector is an officially supported garbage collector in Java 7 update 4 and later JVMs based on Oracles HotSpot. This session describes theoperational basics of G1 and how to tune it. Attendees of this session can expect to learnthe basic operation of the G1 garbage collector, understand G1 GC logs and learn how to fine-tune it, if fine tuning is required, along with tips on what to
expect when migrating fromParallelGC or CMS to G1 GC.

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Charlie Hunt is the Architect of Performance Engineering at Salesforce.com and the lead author of the popular book, Java Performance. At Salesforce.com, Charlie is responsible for improving the performance of Salesforce.com's infrastructure, mobile and UI along with the evolution of internal performance tools. Previously, Charlie was the JVM Performance Architect at Oracle where he was responsible for improving the performance of the Java HotSpot VM and Java SE class libraries. He wrote his first Java application in 1998 and joined Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1999 as a Senior Java Architect. He has been working on improving the performance of Java and Java applications ever since. He is a regular speaker on the subject of Java performance at many worldwide conferences including the JavaOne, QCon, Velocity and DreamForce conferences. Monica Beckwith is the performance lead for Garbage First Garbage Collector. She has worked in the performance and architecture industry for over 10 years. Prior to Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Monica lead the performance effort at Spansion Inc. Monica has worked with many industry standard Java based benchmarks with a constant goal of finding opportunities for improvement in Oracle's HotSpot VM.