Component-Oriented Web Development with Dart

Grand Ballroom - Salon F

Dart helps developers be productive when building complex, full-features web experiences. Along with integrated language, tool, and core library features, Dart allows access to bleeding-edge web technologies today. Dart Web UI introduces features that taken for granted in traditional application environments, but that have been limited on the web. Learn how to use client-side data-binding, visual templates, and custom HTML elements in modern browsers while offering forward compatibility with emerging web standards.

Dart makes building rich experiences in the browser more practical while making large, component-based systems possible.

Kevin Moore's picture
Kevin Moore is a consultant specializing in open source web technologies. His experience includes UI platforms in .NET, web applications in Rails, and cutting edge games in Javascript. Kevin is committer and Google Developer Expert for Dart. His projects have highlighted the potential for building rich experiences with Dart. He is also the creator and maintainer of some of the most popular open source Dart libraries