Building Modern Web Sites : A Story of Scalability and Availability

Grand Ballroom - Salon D

Many of us are familiar with website such as Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Netflix, and the like. We are accustomed to visiting them at all hours of the day and night. We use them to share our photos, news, and personal information. We rely on them to stay up to date with our friends and interests. We leverage them to make online purchases during our busiest of days. Last but not least, we spend our R&R being entertained by cloud-streamed movies on 320-by-480 pixel screens. Such is our dependence on these services that any interruption is met with uproarious headlines that spread at epidemic speeds. Using examples from LinkedIn, Netflix, and eBay, we'll look at some common causes of outages and scaling issues. More importantly, we will look at modern best practices in availability and scaling in web sites today.

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Siddharth "Sid" Anand has deep experience designing and scaling high-traffic web sites. Currently, he is a senior member of LinkedIn's Data Infrastructure team focusing on analytics infrastructure. Prior to joining LinkedIn, he served as Netflix's Cloud Database Architect, Etsy's VP of Engineering, a search engineer and researcher at eBay, and a performance engineer at Siebel Systems. He graduated from Cornell University with both BS and M.Eng degrees -- his graduate work focused on distributed computing. Specialties: System Scalability and Performance, Distributed Systems, Algorithms Coordinates: Email: siddharthanand@yahoo.com Twitter: @r39132 LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/siddharthanan