Git and GitHub Advanced Tips and Tricks

Grand Ballroom - Salon I

Git and GitHub are tools that, as a variation on the cliche would say, "can be learned in a day, but take a lifetime to master." That whole lifetime bit is a little too long, so we've packed dozens of our favorite practical tips and tricks into a half-day hands on workshop. This session takes students who've worked with Git and GitHub for a while and showcases efficient new ways to do existing tedious tasks. This includes, but is definitely not limited to: automatically finding which commits have been cherry-picked to other branches, partially reverting to old commits, fetching and merging pull requests via custom refspecs, creating, pushing, plus pulling notes, and using signed tags and commits for chain-of-custody tracking towards highly content-sensitive releases. Join us for this action-packed workshop and let us take your Git and GitHub skills to the next level.