Designing and Implementing Hypermedia APIs

Grand Ballroom - Salon I

Hypermedia APIs are getting some buzz. But what are they, really? What is the difference between common URI-based CRUD API designs and hypermedia-style APIs? How do you implement a hypermedia API and when does it make sense to use a hypermedia design instead of a CRUD-based approach? Based on the Mike Amundsen's multi-part InfoQ article series of the same name, this fast paced, hands-on four-hour workshop shows attendees how to design a hypermedia style API, how to implement a server that supports varying hypermedia responses, and how to build clients that can take advantage of hypermedia. Additional time will be spent exploring when clients break and how reliance on hypermedia can reduce the need for re-coding and re-deploying client applications while still supporting new features in the API. Hands-on labs include authoring a hypermedia format for your API, designing server-side components that can emit hypermedia responses, and deciding on which client-side style of hypermedia fits best for your needs. A final challenge will be to update the server-side responses with new features that do not break existing hypermedia clients.