Building Windows Store Apps with XAML/C# for Windows 8/RT

Brooklyn Actors

Microsoft has made bold moves on the software and hardware front for consumers with the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT, introducing the new WinRT application development platform for building Windows Store Apps. WinRT brings a new style of touch-first user experience, a sand-boxed application runtime with contract-based inter-app communication, a mobile-optimized execution lifecycle and rich notification support. In this 6-hour event, youíll experience the details of these new platform features through a combination of in-depth explanation, demonstration, code samples and end-to-end application building. Agenda: Building your first Windows Store app including platform/tools tour, basic app, minimum feature requirements for certifications1. Exploring controls, 2. MVVM, 3. Animation & Views, 4. Styling & Custom-controls, 5. App bar, 6. Settings, Search, 7. Location & Sensors, 8. Navigation, 9. App lifecycle, 10. Tiles, Toasts & Push notifications, 11. Background running, 12. Async programming and data access, 13. Working with Microsoft Accounts, Skydrive and Windows Azure, Audience: Developers, team leads, architects.