Avoiding Invisible Impediments to High Performance

Legends Ballroom - Robinson-Whitman

This tutorial assumes the following hypothesis: Learning is the Bottleneck of Software Development and Delivery, and asks the question ìwhat is keeping us from learning effectively?î There are some things that are visible such as the length of the release cycle, the clarity of the goal, learning from mistakes and difficulties, etc.... This is valuable, but not what this tutorial is about. This tutorial is about those things that are in our way every single day which we cannot see or touch and that make us uncomfortable to even consider. How does our mindset affect our ability to learn as individuals and as teams? What about ownership? Does our respect - or lack thereof - of our peers affect our ability to build software? What is the cost of a missed agreement? And, just as importantly, what is the cost of failing to confront a missed agreement? These ìtouchy feelyî things are significant to our ability to learn effectively, and thus our ability to create great software efficiently. Attend this session to learn about invisible impediments to learning, and what you can do Monday morning to start making things better.