A new and fun way to learn a Scala programming language (Bring a Laptop)

Legends Ballroom - Gleason-Roebling

"Have you looked into Scala? Scala is a new object-functional JVM language. It is statically typed and type inferred. It is multi-paradigm and supports both object oriented and functional programming. And it happens to be my favorite programming language. If you are interested in Scala, how you are planning to learn Scala? †You probably are going to pick up a book or two and follow through some examples. And hopefully some point down the line you will learn the language, its syntax and if you get excited enough maybe build large applications using it. But what if I tell you that there is a better path to enlightenment in order to learn Scala? We will start with a set of test cases that will teach you Scala language. As we learn new feature about language we will write code to fix tests. Since learning is guided by failing tests it allows developers to think and play with the language while they are learning"